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India is surrounded by sea on its 3 sides and majority of India's periphery consists of coastal line. Therefore importance of marine engineering or any other field related to shipping in Indiais considerable. Marine engineers are responsible for the complete technical management of the ship. Marine Engineering has two major aspects: off board and on board. Off board marine engineering implies design and construction of technical aspects of a ship like engines, turbines and other systems in the ship and other marine vehicles. On board marine engineering implies the operation and maintenance of all these equipment and systems on a ship or any other marine vehicle. The importance of marine engineering has grown with new innovations in the fields.

Three quarters of the earth surface is surrounded by water and for that reason it, Marine Engineering is a very exciting and challenging field for those who are passionate about sea and are fond of working with tools. Even though waterways are comparatively used less for traveling, above 80% of the goods transportation happens through sea.

For International expert and import of freights, countries mainly depend on ships and other water vessels. Marine Engineering is the most basic profession as far as ships and navigation is concerned. This work demands tremendous physical energy, however, it must be noted that, automation has considerably eased the Mariner's job.

Requirements to be a Marine Engineer.

To become a good marine engineer some important qualities required are good communications skills, brilliant technical knowledge, IT skills, organizational skills, team spirit and calmness. Besides as a marine engineer one has to be ready to travel in a ship for long voyages extending to even months. Mariners must possess the following personal attributes to succeed in the field

  • Organizing Ability
  • Practicality
  • Ability to get on well with people of all types at all
    levels in all hierarchy.
  • Ability to keep calm, under preference and in crisis.
  • Enjoy working with tools.
  • Good at conceptualizing forms and structures.
  • Knack of Numbers.
  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Physical Fitness.
  • Liking for sea travel, etc.

Job Opportunities

Marine engineers can get jobs in Government as wells private shipping companies. Besides marine engineers are required in Indian navy as well. In addition they have the option of working with foreign shipping companies also. In all these sectors scope for growth and work environment is very good. In additions to all this, physical fitness of a candidate should be good and a medical test has also to be cleared to become a marine engineer.

Marine Engineering refers to the designing,manufacturing, operation and maintenance of equipment in the ship and other marine vehicles which are responsible for movement of the marine vehicles. Marine Engineering has most in common with Mechanical Engineering though it requires considerable knowledge of other fields of engineering and science as well like hydraulic, control, pneumatic, process, and electrical and electronics engineering, chemistry, naval architecture etc.

Pay envelopes

Marine engineering is an excellent paying job with even a junior engineer getting a starting salary of Rs.25,000 per month. A chief engineer may have a salary of over a lakh per month. Besides there are many perks which include traveling to different countries, free accommodation and food on ship thus the whole
salary can be used as savings.

Marine engineering is very important because of the importance of shipping. Majority of transportation of cargos and goods across countries having seashore happens through sea. Since the wave of globalization in the last few decades, shipping industry has seen major growth. Other than transportation of cargos and goods ships are used for traveling by people across the countries. Also navy is an importantaspect of defense for any country having seashore.

Last but not the least, this is a career that offers vast job opportunities including off-shore jobs and the most attractive part is it's huge remuneration and NRI Status. With increase in International global sea traffic, the demand for Mariners in public and private shipping companies has risen sharply.

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  • Marine Engineering Fitter & Seamanship
  • Marine Fabrication (Welder)
  • Marine Electrical
  • Marine Mechanical Fitter


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