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MBA Industry Integratedyt What is  Industrial Technology?
Industrial  Technology is a field of study designed to prepare technical and/or management  oriented professionals for employment in business, industry, education, and  government. Industrial Technology is  primarily involved with the management, operation, and maintenance of complex technological systems while Engineering and Engineering Technology are  primarily involved with the design and installation of these systems.  Industrial production managers plan, direct,  and coordinate the production activities required to produce millions of goods  every year in the United States.  They  make sure that production proceeds smoothly and stays within budget.  Depending on the size of the manufacturing  plant, industrial production managers may oversee the entire plant or just one  area.
 One of the  main responsibilities of the industrial production manager is to oversee the  production process, reducing costs wherever possible, and making sure products  are produced on time and are of good quality.   They do this by analyzing the plant’s personnel and capital resources to  select the best way of meeting the production goals.  Industrial production managers may determine  which machines will be used, whether new machines need to be purchased, whether  overtime or extra shifts are necessary, and what the sequence of production  will be.  They monitor the production run  to make sure that it stays on schedule and correct any problems that may arise.    
Academic Program:

Industrial  Technology graduates are hands-on problem solvers.  They fill a critical need in business and  industry as supervisors and managers who possess a combination of technical and  managerial backgrounds.  The ability of  Tech graduates to contribute on the job from day one increases their value  while providing them professionally rewarding careers with significant  potential for advancement.
 Why get a  degree in Industrial Technology?
 The BS  degree in Industrial Technology at MTU is ideal for the student with an  existing technical associate degree or a significant amount of transfer  credit.  Depending on the specific prior  courses taken, up to 95 hours of previous credit could apply toward the  degree.  This highly flexible program  prepares graduates for technical management positions in industry by building  upon prior technical course work.   Through a balance of technical theory, hands-on application, and solid  management courses, students are prepared to solve industrial problems.  Students may also consider Michigan Tech's  signature Enterprise Program which gives teams of students the opportunity to  participate in real-world settings to solve engineering, design, and  communication problems in partnership with industry sponsors.  The program is unmatched in the preparation  of students for the challenges that await them after their college careers.


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