Higher nation Diploma In Shipping Logistics

Higher nation Diploma In Shipping Logistics

Shipping & Logistic Management

This Shipping and Logistics course provides front-line to middlelevels executives in shipping and logistics services with professional competence and skills in shipping and logistics management. While participants can gain insight in practical applications through local case studies, projects and presentations, companies will also benefit from improvement in efficiency and quality of operations and services.

  • International Trade and Shipping
  • Freight Rate Mechanisms
  • Bulk Shipping Market
  • Container Shipping Market
  • Business Strategies in Shipping
  • Growths of Firms
  • Fleet Mix Decision
  • Liner Shipping Network
  • Container Transport Chain
  • Inter - modal Transport Systems
  • Managing Empty Containers
  • Container Transport Securities
  • Port Operations
  • Managing Container Terminals
  • Agile Ports
  • Port Developments

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