Foundation – IIT 6th To 8th Standard

Foundation – IIT 6th To 8th Standard Lakshya9 Foundation Courses (LFC) designed to inculcate the habit of internalizing concepts, to enable students to apply them at will: in both real life problems as well as in exams. Spread over a span of 7-2 years, this program is designed to help students transit smoothly from Xth to XIIth and build a strong foundation for their basic subjects of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
More so, it guides the student right up to the level of IITJEE and nurtures the student to the ultimate level of questions as it is based on a pedagogical philosophy of conceptual clarity leading to structured thinking, further leading to logical problem solving.

The students who have just completed class 7th & want to prepare for class 8th, can join this course. This is an exhaustive classroom program for the students. The subject like Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology will be taught. At the completion of every chapter, test will be conducted for measuring the growth level of students on a regular basis. Where students would be given extensive training on IITJEE, to enable them to aim for Top ranks in IITJEE 2020. IITJEE is not just about clearing the entrance test. It is equally important that students develop the right scientific aptitude, which will not only help them complete their Engineering course, but also helps them succeed on professional and personal front. The earlier we start inculcating these traits among the children, the easier it becomes for them assimilate and adopt this scientific aptitude.
The course would also help the student prepare for exams like Olympiads, KVPY and other competitive exams. In short, the course offers a win-win proposition to the student with the student getting help for school preparation, competitive exams and also developing the right skill set to tackle IIJEE.

This is a 4 year Classroom course for students currently in class VIII and would be promoted to class IX in 2016
  • Phase 1 – The first year of the course will focus on understanding of the fundamental concepts in Mathematics and Science. These concepts will help the student excel in both school studies and IITJEE preparation.
  • Phase 2 – During the second year, the student will move to our Aim-IIT course, which will further strengthen the fundamental concepts and would also introduce the primary concepts of IITJEE preparation. This well spaced course structure helps the student to approach the IITJEE in a stress free manner and improves the probability of scoring better.
  • Phase 3 – In the third and fourth year the student will move to our flagship 2 year course-comprising of phase 1 (class XI), phase 2 (Class XII) and the Final step (The Revision program).
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JEE Foundation for XI & XII
This program is suitable for those students who have just completed 10th & want to prepare class 11th & 12th board exam preparation. This is a typical classroom program. The subject like Physics, Chemistry & Biology/Math will be taught with the basic concept. At the completion of every chapter, test will be conducted for measuring the growth level of students on a regular basis.The Course covers topics relevant from the Class XI and XII syllabus that are very much important from the IITJEE perspective. First the fundamentals are strengthened so that the student can face the more difficult topics with ease.
  • Phase 1 – This module covers the topics in all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Maths for Class XI.
  • Phase 2 – This module covers the topics relevant for Class XII. The Topics covered in Phase 1 are covered in greater detail along with the applicative questions and other IITJEE oriented question formats.
  • The Final Step – Lakshya9's flagship revision module which covers all the topics of Phase 1 and Phase 2 to ensure that the student can revisit all the important concepts, formulae etc. in the minimum possible time. It's the perfect tool to whet your two-year long preparation.
Batch Announcement
In April, May, June & July every year


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