Diploma In Web Designing and programming

Diploma In Web Designing and programming Information Technology is related to studying, designing and  developing the information related to computers. This field is growing at a  very fast pace over the last few years and according to successful and well  known people in the Information Technology sector, this growth is expected to  remain stable. Due to the robust growth, millions of jobs have been created in  this field. Keeping this in mind, Aim Fill IT School has been started  in various regions of the state providing training in IT Sector with advanced  and fully equipped laboratory facilities with highly qualified IT  professionals.  The courses are  conducting on semester basis with scholarship schemes.
Why is Information  Technology Important in Business?
There are many businesses which are in need of the software  packages for satisfying their operational as well as functional needs.  Information technology is useful in ensuring the smooth functioning of all the  departments in a company such as the human resource department, finance  department, manufacturing department and also in security related purposes.  With the help of information technology, the companies in the automobile  manufacturing sector are able to get rid of any sort of errors or mistakes in  the proper functioning of the tools used for designing and manufacturing  purposes. Due to the development of the information technology sector, the  companies are being able to keep themselves aware of the changes in the global  markets.
Information technology plays an important role in easily solving  the mathematical problems and also in the project management system.  Information technology has a great use in the automated production of sensitive  information, automated up-gradation of the important business processes and the  automated streamlining of the various business processes. It has also played an  important role in the areas of communication and automated administration of  entire systems.
IT Jobs in  Demand……..
The growth in the Information Technology (IT) sector has been  phenomenal, and has created several job opportunities for young graduates and  post graduates. Different types of IT jobs can pay really well provided if you  have the right kind of educational qualification and skills. Graduates of  premier college and universities in courses of Information Technology can get  better salaries than many other professions. Software Developers and Engineers, Software Testing Professionals,  Programmers, Technical Writers, Computer Software Engineer, Financial Manager,  Advertising and Promotions Manager, Marketing Manager are the various fields  included in IT profession.
 MBA Information  System Management
Organizations have demanded greater use of newer  technologies in recent years to stay competitive. Important issues involving  the use of electronic or online commerce include when and how a company  incorporates these new technologies. Information and Computer systems managers  are essential in planning an organization’s future, maintaining Internet  support, and supervising security operations.
Managers are in  charge of all planning and developing phases of a firm’s activities. They  consult with executive managers about plans and goals for the future while  working with teams in the conceptual capacity and developmental process of  particular products. Computer and Information systems managers must be capable  of working with subordinates in technical areas while helping top management  and customers understand in simple terms. Thus, managers are best to have had  prior formal working and education experience.
It is common for  computer and information systems managers to have prior experience in one or  more of several specialty areas, including information technology, systems  analysis, and programming. While a bachelor’s degree will usually qualify one for a management job, having a Master’s degree that emphasizes both technology and business administration is highly favorable  for employers. This is such as business and technology is becoming  interdependent in business decision-making. Information technology degrees are sometimes offered in management-information,  which combines communication and business skills with core information  technology. Sometimes, if a manager has adequate training and experiences all  that is needed is an associate’s degree. A manager in this situation will often go on to earn a Master’s  degree at some point in order to further their advancement.
Over the next  decade, computer and information systems manager occupations are likely to  expand at a rate faster than most other occupations. This is especially so as  technology evolves and requires more workers and managers to guide this  process. Moreover, employee and manager turnovers will bring added job  opportunities. Those with a Master’s degree in business technology and management, and those with good interpersonal skills  will be most qualified for these opportunities

Duration: 2 Year

Eligibility: 3 year Degree/Diploma (in any stream)

COURSE CONTENT: (Syllabus with effect from 2011-2012  onwards)

First  Year

 * Principles of  Management and Organizational Behavior
 * Managerial  Economics
 * Accounting and  Finance for Managers
 * Marketing  Management
 * Human Resource Management
* Quantitative  Techniques for Management
*  Research Methods  for Management  Second  Year
 * Software Project  Management
 * Database  Management Systems
* Information  Technology Applications
 * E-Commerce * Enterprise  Resource Planning
 * Data Mining and  Data Warehousing
* Knowledge  Management and Information
 * Systems Security,  Control and Audit
* Project Work


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