Diploma Jewelry Designing

Diploma	Jewelry Designing Diploma in Jwellary Designing

Duration: - 1 year
Eligibility: - 10 + 2 in any stream

The art of jewelry making can be quite a daunting one. The designer is required to design, mold the jewelry, identify and test the gemstones involved. The jewelry designer is also expected to manufacture and market his/ her designs. One can either be a part of the industry as a designer or join the manufacturing section. You will also have an option to specialize in Gemology, which will deal with identification and grading of precious diamonds and stones.

Jewelry is the envy of many a people. We have always admired a good design, ever wondered who comes out with such designs. The art of making jewelry is one that requires training, creativity and most of all an eye for detail. Jewelry holds a very special significance, especially in India since the beginning of civilization.

CAD for Jewelry Designing
Nowadays, computer-aided design (CAD) software's are used by jewelry manufacturing firms in order to facilitate product design and to avoid flaws during the designing process. CAD not only allows the designer to create a virtual-reality model of a piece of jewelry, but he/ she can also modify, change the stone or try a different setting and see the changes on a computer screen before cutting a stone or performing other costly steps. Once the preliminary changes and settings have been made a mold of the prepared model is produced in a wax or other like material with the help of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) process. CAM helps in the easier manufacturing of numerous pieces of the same design.

  • Categorisation of the types of Jewelleries into Costumes(plastic),junk(copper), Bridal (gold and artificial), Silver Jewelry.
  • Jewelry Sketching Exercises using Balancing Principles. Study of Metals Used in Jewelry (GOLD, SILVER, COPPER).
  • Types of instruments used like pliers, cutters, wires etc. Types of Raw Materials like glass, laakh, plastic, mettalic etc. Basic Components of Jewelry (embossing, granulation,filigree).
  • Glossary of Terminology (gold rate, karat, casting fineness).
  • Gem identification on the basis of Transparency, Sheen, colour, Astrology and Gemology.
  • Jewelry manufacturing techniques, eg: MEENAKARI, STAMPING, CHAIN MAKING, FILIGREE making copper and silver Jewelry. COMPUTER AIDED DESIGNING (basics and packages) Portfolio / Project work.


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