Diploma Catering Technology

Diploma	Catering Technology Diploma in Catering Technology
Today, cooking is more than an activity confined to traditional kitchen – it is a high flying career option! The skills of a chef today have become very modern and now combine passion, creativity and hard work for the art of cooking.
To cater to the ever–growing market and demand for professional and competent chefs, a plethora of courses in food processing, catering technology and other relevant areas is being offered by AiCHM. Generally the hierarchy of chefs is something like this:

  • Executive Chef - Usually he is in control of everything inside the kitchen including menu creation, personal management and business aspects.
  • Sous Chef - He is the assistant chef and looks after menu-planning, costing and ordering.
  • Expeditor - They usually make sure that the food is plated in time for the waiters to serve orders.
  • Cooks and Assistants - They are assigned specific duties inside the kitchen. Usually a person starts from Commi3, then Commi 2, Commi 1, Demi-chef-de -partie and Chef-de-partie. As Chef-de-partie the person is usually made in charge of one section, like Chinese, French, Italian, Continental, Banquet, Pastry etc.



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