Student Kit

Free Branded Laptops
Students at Aimfill International can forget the experience at the library and stacks over of books. For one thing, there's no library. For another, there are no books. Instead of a library, the Aimfill International Campus has allotted Branded Laptops to all the candidates, from that they can access the Web, e-books and online journals. The class rooms also houses audio-visual materials and a few paper magazines but no books.

Laptops allow for increased ease and speed of note-taking and engagement with online sources related to the course material
Laptop can also be used
Laptops can also be used to facilitate

  • Portable within the campus, outside the classroom
  • Portable for industrial visit and projects
  • Allow file-sharing
  • Facilitate group work and collaboration, Generate reports and presentations
  • Flexible and inventive uses.
  • Access to expert resources on the Wi-Fi Internet
  • Facilitate outdoor study while travelling,